Sunday, May 15, 2011

OPI Stranger Tides

Had NO idea what polish to wear today. It's apparently supposed to be gloomy ALL weak. Ugh. And because I just had to silk wrap, I like to stick with light colored cremes for a little while after I put it on just so shimmer/glitter or dark colors don't get stuck to it before it adjusts to my nail. Sounds odd I know, but just go with it! Haha.

Stranger Tides is part of the Pirates of The Caribbean collection that came out earlier this month. When I initially saw promo pics, I KNEW I wanted Stranger Tides. Then when I finally saw swatches a while ago, I knew I had to have it. I even posted about wanting it April 1st!! So I've been stalking it for a while.

I was freaking out the week before the collection was released at Ulta. Due to my work schedule, I wasn't going to get to Ulta until a few days after the collection was out. I was afraid it would've been sold out!! I walked into Ulta and remembered that this is the Ulta I bought Black Shatter at 3 weeks after it came out. No one around this Ulta follows polish, clearly. So they had 2 full displays of Silver Shatter save 1 or 2 bottles, and had every other color from the collection as well. Because I had a $5 off $10 coupon (as did my Mom, who I went with) I decided to grab 4 polishes from the collection and I saved $10 total, making each polish only $6!! Yay!!

So here's Stranger Tides

OPI Pirates of The Caribbean Stranger Tides Swatch

OPI Pirates of The Caribbean Stranger Tides Swatch

OPI Pirates of The Caribbean Stranger Tides Swatch

OPI Pirates of The Caribbean Stranger Tides Swatch

OPI Pirates of The Caribbean Stranger Tides Swatch

OPI Pirates of The Caribbean Stranger Tides Swatch

2 coats Stranger Tides
1 coat Poshe

Ready for it? If you've seen my other OPI posts, you know what I'm about to say. I HATE THAT BRUSH!! When I paint my pinkie, I cannot let the brush spread at all, or it'll get all over my skin. Even when I do the rest of my nails, I have to use the brush so gingerly or it'll get everywhere. Great for my thumb nail and big toe. Even fairly decent for the rest of my toes. Sucky for the rest of my fingers. Despite what it may look like in my photos, I have skinny nails.

So the color. This is a... paler camouflage green? A murky sage green? Yeah, I'll go with both of those. I don't think you can describe this polish one way. So picture a pale camo, murky sage, and you have Stranger Tides. Certainly... strange. And GORGEOUS!! Loving this color. Loved it in the promo, loved the early swatches, love it on my nails!! Very, very interesting.

I'm much happier with the formula of this OPI polish. I'm usually sadly disappointed by OPIs formulas with their newer polishes (b3f). But I had no trouble with this one. Totally opaque in 2 coats, no strokes, nice and even. Had a little cuticle drag on two nails, but I was able to fix it. I think it's just because of my frustration with the brush.

Overall, please do not hesitate to grab this polish if you want it! It's an interesting, different color, and the formula is great! Now if only they'd fix that brush...

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  1. i actually like the brushes of opi! makes application quicker lol but im just lazy n want things done fast

    $6 is sooo cheap for OPI
    in aust they are RRP AU$19.95!!!! & NEVER on sale!!

    the color looks great on u! :)

    not sure if il pick up tht color tho.. hmm... i hav so many nail polishes im trying to be on a no buy nail polish ban haha