Sunday, May 15, 2011

Broken Nail :(

This is NOT a fun post :(

I was doing laundry and the washing machine lid came down and I tried to grab it so it didn't slam, but instead it caught my thumb nail and caused a really low break. It started not too bad, but of course then it went into a full split. So this morning, as I'm typing this, I'm repairing it with a silk wrap. It is WAY WAY too low to cut my nail down. Wanna see the horror?

When it initially happened:

Halfway through my silk wrapping process:

Ugh this stinks!! Beneficially, I never use my thumb in swatch or nail photos, so this shouldn't affect the blog at all. I'm still bummed, though.


  1. Ouch! Certainly not fun breaking a nail, I hate it when happens to me, so know how you must be feeling. Thing is it's always a silly freak accident that causes it too.

    Anyway looks like you're taking care of it with the silk wrap. It'll soon be as good as new.

  2. its really sad to know...take care