Friday, May 27, 2011

Revlon Gum Drop

So after not liking the pink based lilac that is Essie Nice is Nice, I decided to find one with a blue base. Since CVS has Revlon polishes for $4.99 with $4 ECB, I decided to grab this. Luckily, I was wearing Nice is Nice when I was shopping, so I could compare and confirm that this is DEFINITELY blue based.

4 (yes, FOUR) coats Gum Drop
1 coat Poshe

So I'm not thrilled about this being 4 coats. I don't mind 3, but 4 pushes it. And unfortunately, it really needed all 4. The first coat was SO sheer, I thought it was going to be unbuildable. But I had seen swatches online, and they were opaque, so it had to be buildable. That is probably my biggest issue with this polish. And I did learn after the fact (or maybe I knew before but it had slipped my mind), that this is quite dupe-ish for OPI Rumple's Wiggin' which has been on my want list for a LOOONG time. The fact that I love this color really makes me want to pick up Rumple's Wiggin' in hopes of it being opaque in less than 4 coats... and I'm a sucker for names with apostrophes. But overall the color is a gorgeous blue based lavender that is so flattering and lovely. And it's supposed to be scented apparently like Gum Drops. It DOES smell through Poshe if you're curious, but it's just a generic sweet smell. Not heavy, just noticeable. I love sweet and gourmand scents, so I'm all over it!!

Oh yeah, and because it took 4 freakin' (I ♥ apostrophes) coats, it dented like whoa because it took so long to dry and was so dense by the end of the layers. So if you hadn't noticed in the photos, it's because I tried to choose ones that didn't show it as much. This also meant it's not as neat by the cuticle. I'm sorry!!

Ready for the dents if you couldn't see them up there?


  1. I love this one!!! I know it takes a lot of freaking coats (3-4 depending on whether I'm heavy handed), but I use stupid SV with this one with good results.

    I have both Rumple's Wiggin and Gum Drop and love them both. They are very close. OPI is a bit lighter and takes somewhere between 2-3 coats depending on how thick you make them.

    I just did an award tag and don't worry I didn't forget you for the Liebster, that one I will take care of separately, you need separate love lol :D

  2. OMG Loodie, you're SOOO sweet!! <3

    And thank you so much for the comparison between RW and GD. And for the suggestion to use SV. I used to use SV all the time, but the smell became outrageous and it was so difficult because of poor ventilation in the winter, ya know?