Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sunny Day=HOLO!!!!!!!!

YAY!!!!!! Woke up this morning and saw sunshine out the window. Confirmed by looking at the sky that it wasn't just a break in the clouds... NOPE!! Beautiful blue skies in a complete 360. So I freak out, take off yesterdays polish that I planned to Konad today (I thought today was supposed to be rainy),

So what holo am I wearing??

The one and only Nfu Oh 61!! I snatched it up during those recent restocks on You shoulda seen me freaking out trying to order before they were all gone. I was safe, though. I ordered at night and they didn't sell out until morning. This is the second batch of the restocks.

It's a dud in the bottle but oh my good gosh is it not even close to dud on the nail!!

Ready to be bombarded with lots and lots and lots of photos of lots and lots and lots of holo??

Nfu Oh 61 Swatch Sunlight

Nfu Oh 61 Swatch Sunlight

Nfu Oh 61 Swatch Sunlight

Nfu Oh 61 Swatch Sunlight

Nfu Oh 61 Swatch Sunlight

Nfu Oh 61 Swatch Sunlight

Indoors Near Window
Nfu Oh 61 Swatch Indoors

iPhone Indoors
Nfu Oh 61 Swatch Indoors

Close-Up!! (all the same nail)
Nfu Oh 61 Swatch Closeup

3 coats 61

I used Nail Tek II and Sally Hansen Double Duty as base coats (different nails get different things depending on their status lol). I had problems with this polish dragging up, which can be a common problem with holos. I do not own the Aqua Base that Nfu Oh makes for holos, but I have used Essie Matte About You as a base coat for the China Glaze OMG collection, and have had GREAT success with it not pulling up. I was just way too excited to think about using it wit this. I just wanted it on my nails ASAP.
When applying this polish, use gentle strokes and do not mush your brush onto the nail. Let it glide gently over the nail. Also use as few strokes as possible. Regardless of base coat, these tips will reduce pulling up and patchiness.
I did not use a top coat. I usually use Poshe (previously Seche Vite), but I wanted to skip it because there's always a question whether or not a top coat dulls a holo... and I wasn't taking chances! Great thing about this polish is that even though I used 3 coats, it dried all the way through very quickly. I use quick dry top coats because I have zero patience when it comes to waiting for polish to dry. This polish was just great. I'm so glad because I was looking forward to wearing this so badly and I would've been that much more upset if it were disappointing.

This is crazy linear holo. If you've gone through my blog, you know I'm a nutcase and post like a thousand photos of a simple creme polish. I just couldn't handle all of the amazing photos of this polish.

You can definitely note the holo indoors as well. It's not as exciting as when you're in the sun, but it's still impressive and noticeable. That's the intention of my iPhone photo. The iPhone is great for photos like that because my camera needs the proper light setting and technique to capture polish indoors without natural light. The iPhone is just quick and accurate when it comes to this. And as you can tell, you can definitely still see holo without a doubt.

I think one of my fav things about this polish is it looks fake. It looks like Minx or something. With the exception of my middle finger, which doesn't have a clean swoop at the cuticle, it really doesn't look like polish at all. Looks like that inside and outside, too.

And I wanted to show photos of the bottle. This is my first Nfu Oh. I knew it had the corset on the front, but I don't recall ever seeing the back of the bottle. It's amazing all the way around. I love that it has a train coming down the back of the bottle, not just the corset on the brush.

Nfu Oh Nail Polish Bottle Front Back Top

Bonus Photos!!
My Jack Russell, Paisley, soaking up the sunshine!!


  1. Now that is a nice polish! Mind you, I'll admit I'm biased because silver is my favourite colour and I love holos!

    Nice to see Paisley enjoying the sun.

  2. Hahaha yes! I'm also doing a holo today yay! The sun told me to do so lol. I'm going with Color Clubs Wild at Heart. It's not linear like that Nfu Oh one, but sooooo gorgeous.

    I agree the IPhone is surprisingly good with pictures.

    I love those hooker Nfu Oh bottles! :D