Sunday, May 29, 2011

Revlon Electric

This a Revlon Top Speed polish that I picked up during the $4.99 with $4 ECB at CVS. Not gonna lie, kinda wish I had gone with another color for today. I don't really know why. I had been looking forward to this color and was all about it when I put it on, but then I realized I didn't really wanna wear it today. Eh, oh well! It's still lovely :)

Ok, super bizarre photo, right? I was taking a photo of my ring finger, but realized that this was the best photos of the shimmer close up. This is a side-ish view of my middle finger. I wasn't intending to take a photo of that nail or use it for here, but once I saw it I had to! (Don't bother clicking to zoom. It doesn't get much more clear).

2-3 coats Electric*
1 coat Poshe

*I say 2-3 coats because I ended up putting 3 coats on only the nails that needed it. Some have 2, and there is no difference in the end result opacity wise.

It's a bright (but not highlighter) yellow polish with very slight shimmer. Because the shimmer is SO fine, the overall result is the polish looks like it has a sheen to it. It's not easy to tell that it's shimmer that's giving that result, so just looking at your hand, it looks more like a creme... actually, I'm going to say it looks creamy. Weird, I know, but something about that sheen makes the polish look creamy. Strange in a good way. But I do wish the shimmer was more noticeable on the nail. I wanted a slight shimmery yellow, not a yellow with a sheen. In the bottle, it looks lighter and more shimmery, but on the nail it's darker with less shimmer. But it's actually a very pretty yellow, that's gorgeous and bright for the summer without looking pastel or neon. I've heard it's very similar to Chanel Mimosa, but yellows aren't my favorite, so I'll stick with not picking up Mimosa. Just not worth it to me. And, from comparison photos, this is close enough for me!!

The application was the problem. Now, keep in mind that yellows are just notoriously bad when it comes to formula and application. So personally, I am more lenient with a not-so-great yellow formula than I am when it comes to a pink or blue or green, etc. The biggest pain was the polish ended up getting dry and sticky on the brush, which made it difficult to apply. It started out fine, a little uneven (which is why some nails got 3 coats and others got two). You can't do super thin coats with this polish, I think your best bet is doing a couple of thicker coats. Realistically, the application wasn't HORRIBLE, but I've used better. Yellow-wise? Really not that bad. I think maybe more so than formula being the problem, it was the brush. The brush is round and kinda flares more at the tip. My nails are fairly skinny, so I wasn't able to press the brush down, I had to let it just glide over the nail. This left not a clean line at the cuticle. If you have normal sized nails, I think you'll be fine. And the dry/stickiness only started to happen towards the end of the second coat. The good thing about this polish was that it really became opaque. I'd much rather have a thicker, more pigmented yellow than one of those watery, thin yellows that you need a white base coat for or they'll never become truly opaque.

On the topic of my skinny nails, so you can understand what I mean by skinny, I have tiny fingers and hands. I know my nails look normal sized in the photos, but they're proportional to my hands. My ring size for my ring finger is a 4.5, it can even be a 4. None of my fingers, including my middle and thumb, can even wear a size 6 without it wanting to slip off. So if you have tiny hands, hopefully you can directly relate to my experiences with brushes, and my opinion of different brushes will help you. I think I'll add this to my first post just so people can reference it.

So overall do I recommend this yellow? Sure! If you're looking for a bright, summery yellow and love Mimosa but don't wanna spend the money, I say go for it. I've also heard Mimosa's application is worse, and if this is true, then I DEFINITELY recommend Electric. The drying on the brush problem I had when it came to formula/application can probably be fixed just by being more patient with application and knowing you can't quickly go from nail to nail once you start nearing the end of your second coats.

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  1. It's a nice yellow! It looks good on you.

  2. I like that yellow and I agree with Madeline it looks good on you.

  3. Thanks so much Madeline and Charlotte!! It's starting to grow on me :)