Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sinful Colors Cinderella

I'm a fan of light blue polishes. I'm also a fan of cheap polishes. So when Sinful released Cinderella and people went crazy, obviously I had to have it! I picked it up at Walgreens for 99 cents. But unfortunately, I wasn't as in love as I had hoped...

Sinful Colors Cinderella!

Sinful Colors Cinderella!

Sinful Colors Cinderella!

Sinful Colors Cinderella!

3 coats Sinful Cinderella
1 coat Poshe

Cinderella is a pale blue with subtle shimmer of pink with a gold/orange shift. This polish had the potential to be something really special... but I really think it missed the mark. The shimmer just isn't right. It's not present enough to be interesting, but it's not subtle enough to just a little something extra. As I looked at my nails throughout the day, all I could think of was LITERALLY a Disney Princess polish for a 5 year old girl. I generally have no boundaries when it comes to polish color. Nothing is too bold, young, old, tacky, I'll wear any of it. But this just looked cheap and young. Not flattering IMO.

This was by far the oddest polish ever. You know how some polishes self level? Like they look uneven, maybe streaky, then they settle into one smooth, even layer on their own? Well this polish started to settle... then kept going. The polish sort of pooled to the perimeter of each nail, leaving the center of the nail thinner. I've never seen anything like this. It's bizarre.
I've mentioned before that my nails are quite convex. I don't have flat nails. I imagine that someone whose nails are not as heavily curved as mine probably would not have this problem. But because I do have this problem, it makes my nails look wide and fat.
Two nails came out perfect. My right hand middle finger and index finger. The rest didn't look very nice. I don't know why I disliked this polish so much, but I did. I could not take it off fast enough!!


  1. I've been wanting this and was planning on picking it up the next time SC went on sale for a buck.. now I'm thinking that I might pass ;[ I don't need yet another bottle of SC sitting in my collection that I don't use - I already have one too many.

  2. I have this and I personally think the color is gorgeous, but I had trouble with it. I think it's my fault for rushing application, but on my right hand which I didn't picture, was awful. There were smears in the middle of my nail and it didn't want to dry. I took it off the next day. I'm hoping I'll have more luck with it next time.

  3. lol I really like this one, too. Used it with some other colors in a quilt-design mani and it was so pretty. Especially with a matte topcoat.

  4. WitchHazel
    I find that I rarely touch by SCs too. The only one I use frequently is Black on Black. Unfortunately, this color is going to join the majority. If you catch it for $1, I don't see the harm in picking it up. Maybe it was just my mood, but I really did not like wearing this polish. I loved OPI What's WIth The Cattitude? and Nubar Blue Hydrangea which as SO similar. But I really hated this.

    I do love light blue polishes in this family. And that's the thing. It might've been a different story if the formula was better/ But owning such comparable colors with formulas 1000x better, I have no use for this polish :(

    I really wanted to like it!! Maybe a topcoat would help...

    If you guys wanna post again, I totally don't mind if you link your blog posts to this polish. I'd love to see others as a comparison!

  5. You're right, for a buck it definitely wouldn't hurt.. but that's also how i acquired 90% of my other SC's lol. My most used SC is Amethyst. It's probably one of my all time favorite purples. Great formula and SO opaque!

    1. Maybe I'll have to pick that one up! I haven't been happy with any SC polishes I've bought so far, so it'd be nice to find at least one I like!