Thursday, March 15, 2012

GIVEAWAY: 1 Year Anniversary and 200 Followers!!

Today is my one year bloggiversary! About a week ago I hit 200 followers, so I'm throwing that in there since I didn't do anything about 100 followers. So this is a GIVEAWAY to thank all of my followers for being so awesome! I want to show how much I appreciate that you guys write comments and take the time to read my posts and look at my photos. I never really intended to start blogging to this extent when I first started, so one year and 200 followers later is AMAZING. Which means you guys are amazing! And I want to say thanks!

Ok, the good part. Prizes. There are two and thus will be TWO WINNERS. And here they are:

Prize Package #1
Prize #1

Prize Package #2
Prize #2

I don't really consider one a "grand" prize and the other not, so how it's going to work is the first person picked as a winner will get to choose which one they want. The second person picked as a winner will get the other prize.

Details About The Prizes

Obviously this is not a sponsored giveaway. All of the items I purchased myself for the purpose of the giveaway. It was important to me to include items that I personally love and use frequently. I didn't just want to include things for the sake of including them. So here's my take on all of the items.

In Both Prize Packages You Will Find...
Bubble White - I have used Bubble White since I became a polish addict. It's a staple product in my Helmer that I use about 2 times a month on average or more frequently if my nails start looking a little yellowed. I find that Bubble White works amazing at whitening your nails. Even if you have no staining or yellowing (it's rare that I do, but I will still use this), I suggest this product. It really whitens your tips and makes your entire nails look clean.

Essie Nail File - This is the file that I always use. I've switched from Swissco to Essie because of the case that comes with Essie's. I swear by glass files, and I love this one because the grit is very fine, so it glides very non-traumatically over my nails while still doing a great job filing them. I NEVER cut my nails, I always shorten them with this file.

In Prize Package #1 You Will Find...
Orly Royal Navy - This polish is a polish that I use ALL the time when I'm looking for blues. Here it is posted on its own, here it is as an accent finger with China Glaze Dorothy Who? over it, here it is as one of my favorite nail designs, a peacock stamping mani, and here it is with snowflakes stamped over it this past winter.

Orly Rage - This foil polish is AWESOME. It's great because it dries super quick, and I think it's like the perfect bronze. This is such an easy color to wear from the color itself, to the finish, to the formula. I just love it! I wore it to a friend's wedding, with some fishnet stamping, and as a funky french tape mani with Enchanted Forest.

In Prize Package #2 You Will Find...
Orly Bailamos - So I went through my blog to posts links to where I have worn Bailamos, and apparently I've only posted it once here! Realistically, I've worn Bailamos a bunch of times and it's one of my absolute favorites! I'll have to post more about it. But regardless, I've had and loved this polish since it came out in Summer 2010.

Orly Prelude To a Kiss - I haven't owned this long, as it's from Orly's newest collection, but I legit want to wear this polish nonstop. I haven't painted my toes in just about a year, and I HAD to paint my toes with this because I just want it on my nails all the time. It's such a beautiful color. I've only put it on my blog here, and it was fairly recently. I've actually already worn it several times in addition to it being on my toes. But I figured you all wouldn't like to see me posting the same polish over and over!!

Details About The Giveaway

1. This giveaway IS OPEN to International followers!
2. You MUST be a follower.
3. You must NOT enter just anything into the fields to get yourself an extra point. If you do, I will not count that point.
So for example, one question says "Tell me how you found my blog", please don't answer "janklnafierjf". That will not get you a point, and you will be disqualified.
For the question that asks who Paisley is, if you are wrong, the point does not count. (Don't worry! You will NOT be disqualified)
4. The only mandatory field is entering that you are a follower here. Because I do not use twitter, Bloglovin', or any of those (at this time), this blog is the only way to follow me. Also because of that, I have entered other things for you to answer to get other points since you cannot follow me elsewhere. You do not have to answer any of the other questions if you do not want to!
5. The first winner will be contacted and be able to chose Prize Package #1 or #2. The second winner will receive whichever the first winner did not choose.
6. Good luck!! It ends March 25th.
EDIT 7. Let me be a little more specific about the points. If you have NEVER posted a comment on my blog prior to the start of this giveaway (3/15/2012), do NOT fill out the option. It clearly explains it. Your point will be deleted. Also, if you leave the fields blank, your points will be deleted.

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  1. This is awesome. Congratulations and happy blogiversary!

  2. I really like that you used polishes that you love a lot as the prizes!

  3. These are such great prizes! I don't have any Orly in my collection (other than ridge filler) and I've been dying to try a glass file. Congrats on the big milestone and thanks for hosting this giveaway ;D

  4. Hey Sam,
    Apparently I can't follow directions well so take my point back for question #4 about previous comments, I tried to edit it and couldn't :/ I read your blog a lot but never actually signed in until today, love the pictures and still can't believe you convinced work to allow polish! You're the best :)

  5. Same as crystal here, I've been reading your blog through rss for a long time now, never joined tho!

    Grats on ^the 200 followers! ^^

  6. Congratulations on your blogversary and 200 followers! ;)