Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Revlon Jaded

Picked this up a while ago when it was on clearance at Target. I love these mint green/blue type of colors. I just really like how they look when I look down at my hands (moreso than looking at them in photos). I think they help my hands look tan :)






3 coats Revlon Jaded
1 coat Poshe

This is exactly what I picture for Essie Mint Candy Apple, but MCA isn't this color (it's far more blue). Jaded is somewhere between a light mint and light sea foam green creme. Definitely more green than MCA. Ironically, the application was extremely similar to MCA... not really a good thing =/

Working with this polish is extremely similar to how I have to work with Essie cremes. Not the first coat necessarily, but the way the polish started reacting. First coat started uneven and patchy which made me nervous. Second coat was that uncomfortable "do I do another coat and risk it looks too puffy and thick" or "do I leave it at two coats when it's a little patchy". I went with three. The polish didn't seem to like the third coat, it kinda dragged. A top coat did help to even it out to give it a smooth finish, but it's still kinda bumpy. When I look down at my nails, you can't really tell at all, though. How to solve this problem? I have found is to let the polish rest in between nails. I have to use this "technique" a LOT with Essie polishes. Be prepared that applying this polish is not going to be a quick process. Do a nail in as few strokes as possible, then let the brush rest in the polish. You can't quickly go from nail to nail. You may be able to get away with that for the first coat, but after that you really need to let the brush sit. I think had I been more patient, it would have had looked a little nicer.


  1. Such a pretty color. Shame it's such a pain to apply. I don't think I'm quite that patient.

  2. This is such a lovely color! I find a lot of pastels difficult to work with, they always are a bit thicker than other colors and it's definitely a process to apply them! My Essie Mint Candy Apple is the exact same way.

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  4. were did you go? its been a month since the last post.

  5. Very pretty color! I'm wearing a similar one by Canmake now. I've had lots of similar problems with Revlon.. oh that formula lol
    I tagged you in my blog! :)

  6. I bought this in a 2 pack for $2 and even at that I feel like the formula is just not worth the price. Maybe if we let each coat dry before the next? Im not a patient person though. Only when it comes to my toes.