Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cheap and Lovely Light Pink for Valentine's Day

I feel like always available and cheap polishes get overlooked. I'm guilty of this. I tend to grab my salon brand or high end polishes first, and I end up overlooking my less expensive brands. But the thing to remember about those cheap brands, like Pure Ice, is those are some of the most easily accessible brands for consumers. They're sold at Walmart for $2. Isn't it a little nice to know whether or not they're worth purchasing?

I always maintain that price has nothing to do with the quality of a polish. Pure Ice is a great indicator of that.

2 coats Pure Ice Love
1 coat Poshe

Love is a straight forward light pink creme. If I had to say an undertone, I'd probably say yellow, but I imagine it would flatter nearly any skin tone. I think it's a pretty safe bet that it will work on your skin tone. The formula was slightly "puffy". I find this formula on lighter colors occasionally, and I think it has to do with trying to make the polish more opaque. This is not a bad puffy polish. The puffiness aides in the opacity and I don't think it makes it difficulty to apply like some puffy polishes. So if you're looking for an OPAQUE light pink for Valentine's Day, or any day, consider Love! I'm also excited to try to stamp with it because I think it may come out pretty well. We'll see!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine's Day Stamping: My Orly Submission!

Orly has a contest right now on their Facebook for Valentine's Day. I've always been a HUGE Orly fan and have gone on tangents talking about this many times in my blog. Trying to decide on something to do was so difficult! Because my Orly collection is pretty large, I have quite a selection of polishes that would work great for Valentine's Day. I was thinking of going more demure, but then decided to make it a little brighter and playful. Here's what I came up with!

Base is Orly Softest White
Bright Pink is Orly Fancy Fuchsia
Berry is Happily Ever After
Ring finger plate BM-209
Other fingers plate BM-317

If you're up for entering, or if you'd like to vote for my nails, go to the Orly contest HERE. My nails match the first photo I posted here, and I titled it "Happily Ever After".

Monday, February 4, 2013

Orly Basket Case

I've been using this polish for nail art for quite some time. But I've never worn it alone. I only have a mini bottle that I got on clearance for $.50 at CVS over a year ago. I love the polish when I use it for nail art, I figured it's about time it gets to be worn on its own!! If you want to see where else I've used it, here are the links:
Stellar Nails
Paintball Nails
My Little Pony Nails
Summer Water Marble






1 coat Orly Basket Case
1 coat Best Topcoat (this topcoat is terrible)

Basket case is a purple based pink creme. It's a pretty basic color, but honestly I thought it'd be a little bright. Something about it is just kind of dull, but I'm thinking it may be because I used that stupid top coat and not Poshe, and because I only used one coat.

This went on totally opaque in one coat, but I definitely suggest using two. I went against my better judgement and just did the one. I usually ALWAYS do at least two coats even if I don't need to. But it makes the color richer, smoother, and it makes it last longer.