Monday, February 4, 2013

Orly Basket Case

I've been using this polish for nail art for quite some time. But I've never worn it alone. I only have a mini bottle that I got on clearance for $.50 at CVS over a year ago. I love the polish when I use it for nail art, I figured it's about time it gets to be worn on its own!! If you want to see where else I've used it, here are the links:
Stellar Nails
Paintball Nails
My Little Pony Nails
Summer Water Marble






1 coat Orly Basket Case
1 coat Best Topcoat (this topcoat is terrible)

Basket case is a purple based pink creme. It's a pretty basic color, but honestly I thought it'd be a little bright. Something about it is just kind of dull, but I'm thinking it may be because I used that stupid top coat and not Poshe, and because I only used one coat.

This went on totally opaque in one coat, but I definitely suggest using two. I went against my better judgement and just did the one. I usually ALWAYS do at least two coats even if I don't need to. But it makes the color richer, smoother, and it makes it last longer.

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