Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Paintball Nails

Ok, so better known as a splatter mani. I chose the title Paintball Nails because my boyfriend did all the splattering, he plays on a paintball team, and he mentioned how it was like being splattered by paintballs. If you're curious, I used this awesome tutorial by The PolishAholic.

My boyfriend and I both mutually agree this is the best nail:

It's actually on my right hand, but I am terrible at taking photos of that whole hand (really, I tried), so I did just the nail.

2 coats Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On
1 coat Poshe
Black - Sinful Black on Black
Purple - China Glaze Spontaneous
Pink - Orly Basket Case
1 coat Poshe

Instead of dipping the straw into polish, we ended up just painting the polish onto the end of the straw and we had much better luck with that. He held the straw kinda far away, which gave more of a speckled look than big splats of polish.


  1. I like the color choices. This non-pattern would look great on a scarf or a t-shirt, one that I'd buy!

  2. great...love it

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  3. Haha that is so cool! Need to give that a try. :D

  4. This looks fantastic!! I love how your splatter is finely detailed :)

  5. @ika1991
    Thank you!! My boyfriend def had fun with it!! Haha

    @Charlotte and Kimberly
    Thanks! And I also love the non-pattern art-style kinda look, too!!

    Thanks so much!!

    Thank you! And you totally should. Kinda a pain to get adjusted to using the straw correctly, but it's totally worth it.

    Thanks!! And the boyfriend preferred the fine speckling as opposed to the chunky, large blotches. That was all him!! Lol