Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Little Pony Nails

Happy Birthday to... Me!! 23 today :) So, I went to the My Little Pony Convention at Hasbro today!! I've been a long time collector of My Little Ponies, and I've been to one previous MLP Convention in 2008 when they held it in Providence, RI. I dragged brought along 2 of my girlfriends, my sister, and my friend's neice (who LOVES ponies). While my sister had been before in 2008, my friends had NO idea what they were in for!!

So, I've been thinking about these nails for weeks. I had a bunch of ideas, but now that the day is here, I'm trying to think easy and obvious. I was going to do my favorite pony, Baby Stripes. I was thinking maybe paint all of my nails the color of her body, and paint her symbol as an accent nail. I then realized how frustrated I'm sure I'd get trying to do that. So this morning when I was driving and thinking about it, I thought about Konad. I realized I have Konad prints that are VERY similiar to the Original 6 ponies - Minty, Snuzzle, Cotton Candy, Blue Belle, Butterscotch, and Blossom. Obviously, I only have 5 nails, so one pony is out.

Here are the 5 I chose and their symbols:

Blossom (thumb):
Revlon Gum Drop as a base, Konad White for the symbol with plate BM10

Cotton Candy (index):
OPI Italian Love Affair as a base, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On with a dotting tool for the symbol

Minty (middle):
OPI Gargantuan Green Grape as a base, Ardene Emerald for the symbol with plate BM03

Snuzzle (ring):
OPI Skull & Glossbones as a base, Orly Basket Case for the symbol with plate BM10

Blue Belle (pinkie):
China Glaze Sea Spray as a base, China Glaze Spontaneous for the symbol with plate BM14


  1. Happy Birthday, hope you have a good one.
    Great nails, I like the way they match the pony designs.

  2. Belated wishes :) This is awesome! you have great nails :) nice blog :) following you :) visit my blog when you find time :)


  3. Happy belated birthday! :)

    What a cute nail design! Thanks for reminding me how much I used to love My Little Pony as a kid. :) Made me smile.
    - Mary