Saturday, July 2, 2011

Newport Nails

I'm pretty behind on posting because I recently spent a night in Newport, RI and wasn't around my computer until late, and then had a crazy busy day the next day, then I've been at work. That's ok, though, because I did my Summer Neon Crackle again. I spent the night out in Newport with my boyfriend, and when I went there, I had these nails. I only live less than an hour away from Newport, but it made for a nice mini getaway.

Again, this mani has been posted before, but because I loved it so much, I had to wear it again!!

1 coat of an unknown neon pink Orly (it might be Passion Fruit? Or at least similar to it?)
1 coat China Glaze Lightning Bolt

Be prepared for ramblings about my trip to Newport, RI. If you're not interested, skip this part!!
We had dinner at The Red Parrot last night, which we had previously tried to go to a couple of years ago. We had been with some friends, all of us over 21, and I don't remember the details, I think we were trying to get into the bar. Point being, one of our friends had a reissue RI license because he had lost his. They wouldn't accept it, so they wouldn't let him in. I don't quite understand why they couldn't. Wouldn't a reissue still mean it's a real license? So he can't get in there until his license expires and he needs to renew it? I don't know. Anyway, The Red Parrot. The food was fine, good selection for vegetarians (my boyfriend is far from a vegetarian haha). We had some spring rolls as an appetizer and my boyfriend LOVED the red pepper dipping sauce they had with it, and he asked what exactly was in it. The waitress told us she wasn't quite sure because they don't make it there. It was kind of annoying to learn they just buy the sauce as-is. It's not like they're a chain restaurant, ya know? So what else is just store bought and then served to us? Then I treated us to some awesome Awful Awfuls from the Newport Creamery. Delicious!!

The next morning it took my boyfriend FOR-FREAKIN'-EVER to get up, but it didn't really matter. We wondered back to where we were yesterday and figured we'd walk through the shops and just spend the day there. The shops in Newport, RI are ridiculously redundant. Let me give you a tour... Jewelry Store next to a Clothing Shop next to a Tourist Shop next to a Gallery/Antique Shop next to a Jewelry Store next to Clothing Shop next to an Ice Cream Shop next to a Tourist Shop next to a Gallery/Antique Shop next to a Jewelry Store... you get the idea. They have a few random places that don't fit that description, but they're not wowing by any shot. For example, they have an Army Navy store. It's full of like mass production camo stuff and some tourist things. Other Army Navy stores I have been in have more realistic type of things. So basically, if you're thinking about going to the shops in Newport, I suggest heading southwest and going to Mystic, CT to check out Olde Mistick Village. It's a thousand times more interesting when it comes to the variety of shops.

My boyfriend convinced me to get into one of these little 3 wheel street dune buggy (apparently they're called Scoot Coupes) and drive around near the mansions and ocean. We had done this before, only we had a moped. This little car was so bizarre, but whatev, it was fun anyway. We then wanted to grab lunch, and some chick was handing out 10% off coupons to a restaurant called H2O, which we had eaten at on a previous trip to Newport. It sits partly on a dock, so you're RIGHT on the water, which was nice. But the service was horrible!! They had a whole 7 tables with people, so they were not even close to being busy. Their lunch menu is very small, but that's fine with me because the Roasted asparagus, red pepper, and hummus sandwich sounded amazing. My boyfriend got some grilled chicken sandwich. So the guy, who I didn't think was actually a server, took our order. 25 minutes after we had been there, the girl who I assumed was our server finally came up to us and asked if we were ready to order. Wow. Yeah, we already did. Let me remind you, there were SEVEN tables with people at them!! Just 7. So our food finally comes out, the poor people at the table next to us still didn't have theirs and I could tell they were annoyed and I don't blame them. My sandwich was correct, but my boyfriend got some fried fish sandwich... not what he ordered at all. So they finally brought out the correct meal, and ultimately took it off the bill without us mentioning anything about it, which I thought was very considerate though I wouldn't have minded paying for it. The awkward thing was my sandwich was server on a soft grinder roll. Like a store bought hot dog bun type of thing. The completely wrong type of bread for this type of sandwich, I just ended up eating everything off the bread with a fork. The French fries were perfect, though. My ideal fry! Haha. That poor table next to us got their food once we were finished eating, and they had even messed up one of their orders. Very awkward service. And the prices were WAY too high for the situation. My sandwich was $12!! Too expensive, in my opinion, for a lunch sandwich and poor service. But at least it was good minus the bread.

We walked around some more and stopped in a place called Cupcake Charlie's for dessert. It was a cute little cupcake shop, nothing particularly special about it except you could see the kitchen out in the open, which was nice. The cupcakes looked amazing, very appealing and well garnished. We chose to split a Chocolate Raspberry Surprise that was actually fantastic. The chocolate cake was very moist and not artificial tasting. Apparently it had a filling of chocolate raspberry ganache, but I noticed it on top of the cupcake/under the frosting, not so much actually inside the cupcake. The frosting had a very strong raspberry flavor, and that was definitely a good thing. Here's a photo of the display case courtesy of my iPhone:

The cupcake we had is the one in the case on the right on the middle shelf with the pink frosting and cute little chocolate straws.

After that, we just headed home... well, we stopped at Ulta because I still had a $5 off $10 coupon that expires today. Picked up two polishes I had been wanting... well, my boyfriend did and he's keeping them until my birthday. Haha!!


  1. love the nails! the pink shatter is really, really cool! :)