Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Neon Crackle

I hate Black Shatter. I keep trying it, and keep hating it. I think a big part of it is because it's summer (spring), and when I think polish for summer/spring, I definitely don't think black. Overall, though, I'm not a huge fan of the crackle trend. I haven't been tempted to buy the new OPI crackles... the Sally Hansen crackles... the Pure Ice crackles... you get the idea. (Though I may grab some of those new metallic China Glaze crackles when they come out).

In an attempt to jump on the crackle trend, I finally found a combination I'm satisfied with.

1 coat of an unknown super old neon pink Orly
1 coat China Glaze Lightning Bolt

I've been DYING to do this for months. Literally months. I had it in my head and just knew I'd love it.

But where's my pinkie you ask?

Busy being injured. Super bad break after slamming my finger into a door (not in a door, into a door). I don't even know what to do about it.
More about it later, but if you're curious and might have some suggestions on what to do in the meantime *cough*Loodie*cough*, please let me know!! (I'm thinking silk wrap but I don't know if the glue would be a bad idea because it broke to the skin).

Keep in mind there's strengthener on my nail that started to peel up near the break, too, so it looks kinda odd. I'm afraid to remove it because I think the remover might sting.


  1. I like this manicure. The Neon Pink and Lightning Bolt work well together.

    Ouch to slamming your finger into the door!

  2. @Charlotte
    Thanks so much!! I'm planning on doing this mani again this summer. And my pinkie is slowing growing out now. It'll be a LOOONG process. Luckily it never actually hurt because it happened so quickly and the situation I was in sort of prevented me from really giving it another thought. That's a good thing I guess!!

  3. i know i'm about 2 years too late but you can silk wrap it the glue will sting like a mother but it has never caused an infection on me when i've done it (at least a million times, i have realy thin nails and they break/tear like this all the time) i've even had acrylic overlays done if it's to bad (you don't want to do acrylic if you can avoid it)