Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blue Hydrangea with Stamping

I'm loving Blue Hydrangea so much that I was not ready to take it off yet!! I had initally planned to do more stamping with this pink and probably a yellow, but I decided to quit while I was ahead. I didn't want it getting too busy. If I could wear this for another day (I can't, I work tomorrow), I'd add to it tomorrow.

My right, dominant hand


2 coats Nubar Blue Hydrangea
1 coat Poshe
Stamping with Bundle Monster plate BM04 and China Glaze Heli-Yum

So, the biggest problem I ran into was the fact that Heli-Yum is almost the exact same color as my Konad stamper. This meant is SUCKED trying to see the stamp to get it in the right place. My index finger isn't completely opaque because of this. I couldn't actually see that the dots in the design didn't pick up well. On my right hand, I switched to use my Essence stamper, which is a lighter shade of pink. I had forgotten just how crappy that stamper was. It's not soft enough to be able to smoosh onto your nail, and it somehow manages to get the images uneven. I only used it like two or three times on my right hand (DEFINITELY used it on my middle finger. It looks a mess).

Ultimately, my right hand pinkie came out best and how I initally wanted the image to stamp. I was using the Konad stamper for that. My left hand managed to cut off the last little branch thing on the design, which was not my intention, but at least they're all like that on that hand so it looks uniform. Haha!!

Oh yeah, and how ridiculous are all of my Bandaids? The one on my left hand pinkie and you can see the one on my knuckle of my right hand index finger. I swear I'm the clumsiest person. The knuckle thing was a result of trying to let a puppy I was dog sitting for out of her crate. It peeled up a nice chunk of skin. I was going to leave it exposed, but I went to Six Flags New England yesterday and decided that was a horrible idea.

Ok, going really off topic now, so skip if you don't care.
Six Flags. I have a fear of heights. This stupid fear originated maybe 6 years ago? I was never afraid of heights before that. Now, I've always loved roller coasters. A couple of summers ago, I started to get a little nervous about them. I then decided this heights problem is a HUGE problem and I've gotta fix it. So I tend to close my eyes when we go up the first incline, and depending on how nervous I am, I may leave my eyes shut the whole time. So here's how my trip went:

Superman (which is now called Bizzaro, but I'm still calling it Superman) - Has a huge incline at the start. Biggest incline of all of the roller coasters I went on. Eyes stayed shut. The drop made my mouth open and like stay open, I felt like I had jowls. After that, I kept my eyes shut for the majority of the coaster, but did open now and again.

Mind Eraser - Stupidest ride ever. I'm really short, so my head was right between the shoulder guard thing. My head flung back and forth between those pads the ENTIRE ride. Not the least bit enjoyable. I opened my eyes a few times, but just for the sheer fact that my head was a ping pong ball, I decided to keep them closed.

Batman - Love it!! Closed my eyes at first, but kept 'em open the rest of the ride!! I loved this roller coaster.

Skyway - Not a roller coaster. Not even a thrill ride. You sit in a caged ball and it glides you over the park. I decided it seemed relaxing. That was a horrible idea. I started out ok, but then we just got higher and higher. I ended up with my eyes shut and squeezing my boyfriend's hand so hard I thought he was going to strangle me.

Cyclone - Definitely redeemed myself on this one. Eyes open the WHOLE time. On the incline, I just stared inside the cart, but at least they stayed open!! Awesome thing about this coaster is it's super old and wooden. I have no idea why I have less fear on a rickity, wooden roller coaster, but get nervous on new, steel roller coasters.


  1. Nice manicure.
    I like your choice of colours and the art design.

    Nice write up about the roller coaster rides, I always think the head/shoulder guard thing is going to spring open whenever I go on them. Roller coasters aren't as good over here in the UK.

  2. @Charlotte
    Thank you :) And I know whatcha mean about thinking they'll spring open!! Haha. Really the roller coasters aren't that good over there? :( Are they just smaller or something?