Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Please Don't Use This Product !! :(

I just have to warn you guys. I'm so, so sad about what happened to my nail, I don't want it to happen to yours. Two weeks ago, I posted about my broken left thumb nail. All was going well with my silk wrap until another traumatic thing happened. On my 16.5 hour work day, I FINALLY punch out, reach into my pocket to pull out my phone, and my thumb nail gets jammed and the silk wrap breaks.

Side note... Seriously?! Right after I punch out?? It lasted an entire freakin' shift carrying gear, carrying patients, opening doors, typing my reports, etc. but my dumb nail finally has to break AFTER I punch out and when I try to get my phone out of my pocket. Ridiculous.

Anyway, I've had this happen before. I just soak off the wrap and put on a new one. No harm done. Well, I had recently purchased Sally Hansen Insta-Fix Nail Repair Kit because it was 75% off at CVS.

It was rated pretty well on MUA (it was 4.6/5 and 100% would buy again before I added my rating and review) so I figured instead of putting on another silk wrap, I'd just use this.

It went on a THOUSAND times more easily than a silk wrap. I just painted glue over the break (I took off the silk wrap and started fresh), then sprinkled the acrylic powder over it. It dried quickly and I was able to buff it to a smooth finish. I thought I had found the greatest nail repair product ever!!

But then...

It became SO dry and brittle despite my frequent moisturizing. Finally, it cracked. And when a silk wrap cracks, it usually doesn't continue the crack in the nail. Oh my goodness did this Insta-Fix continue the nail break. Parts of the glue/acrylic started to crumble off and it looks awful. I got home and soaked and soaked and soaked the repair in acetone. I used the foil method and everything. It wouldn't budge AT ALL. My poor cuticles took such a beating being wrapped in acetone and tin foil for so long :( I tried my best to gently break off more of the repair, but it seemed like it penetrated into my nail. When it finally started to loosen, I was able to get it off... and it SHREDDED my nail and took a whole chunk of it with it. SHREDDED it. Like paper thin and shredded. No clean, angular break. It was like when you go to bite a piece of celery and it leaves all of those strings and jagged pieces. I wish I had taken a photo of it, but I was just so livid that I didn't think about it then. I just wanted to fix my poor nail :(

Wanna see the damage...

:( Needless to say, I'm not thrilled. I couldn't even get the rest of the repair off. I kept trying to soak it and it wouldn't work. And I'm too terrified to try to pry it off. It DESTROYED the part that came off, I'm not taking chances right now until I figure out some other way to get it off.

My girlfriends wedding is Saturday, and I really wanted my nails to look great. So it looks like I'll be using a press on nail for occasions like that until the nail grows out. No way am I cutting down the rest of my nails that short. No freakin' way. I can't even get my thumb nail even because the break was so low that I'd have to file my skin. Gross, and not gonna happen.

So ultimately, do not get near this stupid product, and definitely don't let it touch your nail. It's not worth it.

Does anyone have any idea how I can get the rest of the acrylic repair off? When I put on the press on nail, I'm going to need an even surface, so I have to get it off by Saturday. Help??


  1. Ouch, what a bummer ;[ Have you tried soaking in just plain ol' warm/hot water? I know water is no match for acetone but maybe the heat of it will help soften things up...? Just a guess. I've never met anything that acetone couldn't take care of, so good luck!

  2. This is exactly why I refuse to use any nail glue fixes of any kind, even silk wraps. It always makes my nail MORE brittle and consequently breaks off. I have never had any luck with them. Ugh, that sucks. We are in the same boat at the moment ... if only I had a chance to even save mine, it broke all the way through :(

    Anyway, enough whining on my part lol *hugs

  3. aww im so sorry that is terrible, personally i have never used one of the nail repairs (didnt even know about them, wish i had awhile back had a horrible problem with one of my nails due to acrylic) but anyways, what i would try to do is just buff your nail specifically the acrylic part down until it is flush with your nail, it will take forever if you have you can use the electric file but would need to be super careful not to go to far down. but personally i would take the time with a good ol' buffering.

    haha sorry just realized how long this was... hope this helps good luck

  4. wow your dramatic
    Its a broken nail
    let it grow back

  5. Oh ouch. I didn't think they made this stuff anymore. I remember my mom using it back in the 80s and 90s and it doesn't seem they've improved it any. Other than putting it in an "easy" to use pen. If you run into a problem like this again (perhaps with a different product) what she did was buff the crap out of it. Can't really remove it cuz it's like super glue. :( Sorry you had to go through this ordeal.

  6. Lizzy
    I didn't realize it's been around that long! They really need to get rid of this product.