Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Frisky Print

Frisky was another one of those polishes I knew I'd do something more with. I had this idea when I initially wore Frisky, and I was tempted to just do this then. But I figured I'd wear Frisky on its own for a day before doing this.
I got the new set of Bundle Monster plates for my birthday and was super excited to use them. This is what I did:

Not Direct Sunlight

2 coats Orly Frisky
1 coat Poshe
Bundle Monster plate BM-224 with China Glaze Techno Teal

I never had much of a problem with the size of the full nail designs with the old Bundle Monster, but these new ones are definitely huge!! I wasn't used to that, so it was like I was relearning because it was so difficult for me to pick up the image fully and evenly, which is why some areas are a little spotty. But ultimately, I like that this is subtle but still noticeable, and the pattern makes those spotty areas much less obvious in real life.


  1. Hey its so simple but beautiful.... looking good on ur hands :)

  2. I love the stamping with Techno Teal. That's what I am wearing today. I may have to try stamping with it too! Pretty!