Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Bad Brush Killed Gray's Anatomy

I actually Konaded on my most recent mani, but I did it at night and never took photos. I have this bad habit of not top coating my Konads, and I went to the beach the next day. I think that explains why I have no photos of it. Lol.

Anyway, I had no idea what I wanted to do to my nails today. I knew I didn't want to wear a creme, which kinda sucked because I actually have a bunch of untried cremes that I've been dying to wear. Then I saw Wet 'n Wild Gray's Anatomy, which is apparently an alternative (but not total dupe) for OPI Not Like The Movies. I do not own NLTM, so I apologize for not being able to offer a comparison, but here and here are blogs with a comparison if you're curious.

Direct Sunlight

3 (thicker) coats Gray's Anatomy
1 coat Poshe

Now, I love duochromes. They're the cloudy day holo IMO. By far one of my favorite finishes. Sally Hansen Golden Cinnabar is one of my favs. This... not even close.

This is a silvery, purple-grey-green duochrome that has visible purple shimmer when in the sunlight. I think this color should have been released in the fall, not spring.

The forumla was WAY too thin. The photos are 3 thick coats, and there is still VNL (visible nail line). I just could not deal with doing another coat. The VNL isn't terribly noticeable in real life, and the duochrome does a pretty good job at camoflauging it. But in the sunlight, it is VERY noticeable, as is the sheerness of this polish.
The worst part was the brush. I do not have any other WnW Fast Dry polishes to compare to this one, but it made application a bigger pain. It flares at the end, is too round, the bristles are too thick so it left very obvious brush strokes, and the bristles are uneven. No thank you. Honestly, if the brush were better, I would have tolerated doing 6 coats if this polish needed it because it really is pretty and I love duochromes. I don't mind doing a ton of coats for a sheer polish, but not with this brush:

It doesn't look THAT bad, but oh it was.

Luckily I work tomorrow, so this mani only has about 9 hours left before it comes off. Which is also why I'm not bothering to redo this or to just do a different mani all together.


  1. All of the WnW Fast Dries I have have a wonk-ass brush. It's such a pain!

  2. Wow I thought the WnW was great I got mine for $2.99 and i think it works great! I put 2 coats and its done.
    I used Sage in the city.
    I Love WnW products because there cheap, fast and animal testing free.

  3. Your nails are so pretty and smooth ;) I have this polish and like it quite a bit. My brush is not as bad as yours. I usually wear it over black to make my life easier. One coat each (black/Gray's) usually does the trick but I like to do two of each to make things nice and even.

  4. @Madeline
    Ugh that's so annoying!! I know it's cheap, but I have some Essence polishes that are 99 cents that have an AMAZING quality brush. I think we've all had dirt cheap polishes that are amazing. What the heck happened with this!? Lol

    I'm glad yours worked!! And yay for no animal testing!!

    I will totally have to try it over black. I;ll probably end up using it again in the fall :) Yours looked fantastic!!

  5. yea I agree wet n wild brushes are poo poo, but they do have some great colors. Too bad the formula can be a little runny, like this one. Layering helps.

  6. I've seen this layered over silver and it comes out nice too, so another layering idea for you.

    You said it doesn't look too bad, no, it really does look really bad. A lot of times you get a wonky brush but it's only one or two long bristles, which of course can be cut to the right size. Your brush is so bad that I wouldn't know what to do to try to fix that uneven mess. Now I'm bumming, I have 4 or 5 of these in my untrieds and have no motivation to try any of them since they probably have those wonky brushes.

    I have other WnW polishes, the Wild Shines, Crazes, and Megalasts, and haven't come across any bad brushes with them. I guess their quality control has gone downhill in recent times!

    Here is the one that Grays Anatomy is a dupe for:

  7. The purple-green also reminds me of essence Where Is The Party?.

  8. Lizzy
    My sister bought that polish quite a few months ago, but I haven't compared them! I should do that.