Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Forever 21 Mint Green

MY BLOG!!!!!! I've missed you!! I know I only posted 3 days ago, but those nails were actually from almost a week ago. I have had an INSANE week with no time to sit down and do anything. I didn't even get to do Fourth of July nails :( That really sucks because I had SO many ideas and I was SO excited for them, but I worked the first through the third and can't wear polish to work. So that was out. And I was trying to hurry up to get to the beach with some friends on the 4th. I tried using these nail polish strips from Nailene, but they were SO horrible I gave up after 3 nails. I'll make a post about those soon, hopefully.

Anyway, I was at Forever 21 recently with my sister, and I picked up 3 polishes. Can I please say again how much I LOVE Forever 21 polishes (they're actually called Love & Beauty)?? Huge selection of colors and finishes and great quality. Best thing? They cost $2.80. Worst thing? They have the most stupid and frustrating names. Online the names look better, but when you're in the store, the names are just dumb. I picked up "Mint", "Lime", and "Taupe". The most frustrating thing is there are different polishes with the same names.

Anyway, today I'm wearing Mint.

These photos make my cuticles look disgustingly dry. That's NOT my cuticles. This is the result of a brand new bottle of Poshe that was so not-viscous it leaked all over my cuticles and dried so it makes my cuticles look all nasty. Please compare to my previous post to prove my cuticles aren't actually gross.

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Mint Swatch

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Mint Swatch

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Mint Swatch

2 coats Mint
1 coat Poshe

I got a defective brush with this one :( This is the only bad brush I've gotten from Love & Beauty. I have 7 others were perfect brushes. I'm going to say this is my own fault for not checking. The 2 others I bought that day have perfect brushes. I even opened this polish to check consistency. I wanted to make sure it looked like it was going to be opaque. But I paid no attention to the brush. It actually wasn't THAT bad, but the spread of the brush was uneven, and the bristles just weren't dense and even. The result of this was I had to be more meticulous around my cuticle. Other than that, it was okay.

The color is lovely. It's a very light, blue based mint green. It's very fresh looking and will make your hands look SUPER tan.

The formula was fine, but the wonky brush made it a little difficult. It was opaque with 2 coats, not too thick or too thin, just a great creme. As a result of the brush, I had quite a few bubbles that I noticed with my macro photos. Not noticeable in real life. But I do remember seeing bubbles when I painted, and I know it's because of the weird bristles and spacing of the brush.


  1. I love that color. It's really refreshing and well at $2.80 that's a steal. Do I spy a nail patch on your pointer, say it ain't so! Did I miss a turn of events. First the pink now this?

  2. @Loodie
    Yup :( You do. At least you know I don't photoshop my photos!! Haha. I've been having horrible luck lately, they all seem to be happening at work. I have a total of FOUR on right now. I have no idea why this is happening, but it sucks. I usually try to avoid cremes when I have a nail repaired because it is so noticeable, but I just really wanted to wear this. Like all of the polishes I've bought recently have been cremes :(

  3. Oh poo. That sucks. For awhile there I was going through a crap load of breaks too. Lets hope that its all behind us. Hell Photoshop is just too much work. Fuhgettaboutit! I love creams too, they are very calming to me. No worries. It look gorgeous either way! :D