Friday, May 13, 2011

Golden Cinnabar with OPI Silver Shatter

My first use of Silver Shatter!! As I've said before, I'm not a huge crackle fan. Black Shatter just didn't do it for me. And I'm convinced it makes my nails look fat. No, really, I swear. But did that stop me from speeding out to go pick up Silver Shatter (and 3 other polishes from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection)? Umm, nope. But I think that's a good thing because I actually like Silver Shatter. Maybe because it's spring, and black doesn't scream "spring" to me the way this silver does. It keeps the nail light and pretty. I'm hoping I like Black Shatter more in the fall. I just tend to follow seasons when I wear polish. In the fall/winter, I'm in the mood to wear darker colors. In the spring, I like pastels, and in the summer I like brights. Slight variations here and there, but you get the idea.

So obviously when I picked up Silver Shatter, I had polish on. So when I got home, I couldn't swatch it on my nails. In hindsight, I could've used a nail wheel, but eh. Oh well. However, my sister was at home with naked nails, so I took advantage of them. I painted 10 random colors on her nails, and Golden Cinnabar was one of them. This ended up being one of my favorite combinations!!


2 coats Golden Cinnabar
1 coat Poshe
1 coat Silver Shatter

I know I said I loved this on my sisters nails, but I don't know how much I loved it on mine. Maybe because it didn't crackle super well on all nails, or because my nails are much longer than my sisters.

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