Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I recently started being more diligent about taking NOTD photos, and have started a tumblr (http://sugarmedic88.tumblr.com/) so I figured I might as well just start a blog. I'm assuming it'll just be NOTDs and swatch photos, though I may end up adding more and we'll see where it goes! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy going through my blog! And even if no one reads my blog, I'm fine with that because I hate taking off polish that I love or nail art that took forever, or Konad that went on perfectly. So this is also like a photo journal type of thing that makes me feel better about having to take the polish off!! Haha.

Edit -

I've decided I want to add to this a little. After looking at some other blogs, I want to learn more about the blogger. Not super personal info or a ton of info, but just some background info. And when the blog has hundreds of posts, it's hard to find info. So I figured I'd add a little more about me here.

As my profile says, my name is Samantha (but Sam is fine). I'm 22 years old and live in Connecticut. I went to medic school in 2008 and I have been a paramedic for going on 2 years and have been actively involved in EMS for 7 years. I love my job, but I'm also pursuing a nursing career. My ultimate goal is to work as a flight nurse/paramedic for our medical helicopter, LifeStar. I LOVE answering questions about my job, so if you have any, please ask!!

My company does not allow nail polish, so this prevents me from blogging my nails every day. I only work part time, as I am a student, so I can post frequently enough. I have a set schedule of working Friday and Saturday, so it's rare that you'll see nail photos on those days. I also tend to pick up shifts during the week, so that might be a reason you don't see nail photos.

I typically change my polish every 1-3 days. Very, very rarely will I keep the same nail for more than 3 days. This is beneficial for my blog because it means more blog posts!!

Some interesting thing about me...
I'm super petite. Like REALLY petite. I'm 4'9". BUT... I can still do my job. I always get asked how I do my job being that I'm so small. If you're unsure why people would ask this, paramedicine and EMS require you to be able to lift some REALLY large people. You never realize how heavy a person is until you have to lift them. With my partner, I can usually lift a max of just over 300 pounds. Once a patient hits 350, it can be a struggle. But it is ALL about body mechanics. You have to learn proper lifting techniques or no matter how strong you are, you will get hurt. I've had 7 years to learn how to lift, and I do a pretty good job at it :)

I've been a vegetarian for close to 15 years. I eat no meat products. Yes, this includes seafood, chicken, and gelatin. If it involves killing an animal, I don't eat it (hence the gelatin thing). BUT, I do eat eggs and dairy. I am NOT a crazy vegetarian and I will never, ever ask anyone to be a vegetarian. What works for me does not work for everyone else, and I'm well aware of that. With that, I have no problem with people ordering meat or eating meat in front of me. My boyfriend of 3 and a half years eats meat. I will never give him crap about it or argue with him about it. Ever.

Edit again -
Throughout my blog, I tend to whine about wide brushes like OPIs ProWide brush. I want to point out that I have a problem with these brushes and the like because I have skinny, tiny nails. I posted this in my post for Revlon Electric, but figured I'd add it here, too.
So you can understand what I mean by skinny, I have tiny fingers and hands. I know my nails look normal sized in the photos, but they're proportional to my hands. My ring size for my ring finger is a 4.5, it can even be a 4. None of my fingers, including my middle and thumb, can even wear a size 6 without it wanting to slip off. So if you have tiny hands, hopefully you can directly relate to my experiences with brushes, and my opinion of different brushes will help you.
If you have normal sized or larger fingers, you may find my comments about brush size to not apply to you. So when I say OPI brushes are obnoxiously large, you may love them. And if I say I like Essie's tiny, skinny brush, you may totally hate it because it takes 1,000 strokes for one coat. Just something to keep in mind :)

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  1. Love your blog. Very good content & tutorials :) I know what you mean about the brushes- I'm 5'3 but my ring finger is a 3.25!!! Getting my wedding ring sized was a challenge.. and it's still not small enough, always rotates... Ahhh, such is life.