Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wet 'n' Wild Starry Night French

Sorry for the boring nails today. When I wear a polish I've never worn before, I typically like to wear it once on it's own (unless I have a REALLY good idea for nail art/Konad/french/etc.) and then do something to it the next day. I hadn't realized I was doing that until a few weeks ago when I did it with a Tronica polish. Anyway, obviously yesterday was the first time I wore this polish. I didn't want to hide it with Konad because the polish is gorgeous and I didn't want to take away from that. So I added silver tips instead.

2 coats Wet 'n' Wild Starry Night
1 coat SV
Pure Ice Silver Mercedes for the tips
1 more coat SV

Kinda bummed because there is no sun today... it SNOWED last night... so the photos aren't as gorgeous as yesterday without the tips, but it still looks just as jelly and beautiful.

So I ordered my BOGO Zoya's! I picked Faye and Pheobe. I knew immediately after seeing swatches that I wanted Pheobe and didn't want any of the Summertime collection because to me, they're just dupe-able cremes. After significant debating between Kimmy, Reva, Rica, and Faye, I went with Faye. What'd you get?

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