Sunday, March 20, 2011

Love & Beauty Nude

This was actually my NOTD yesterday. I don't usually get to wear nail polish on Saturday's because I work every Saturday, however I had yesterday off for a wedding!! My dress was very loud, it was actually this dress from Forever 21:

So I wanted neutral nails. I realized I literally had NO opaque nude nail polish. Nothing even close to it. I had sheer polishes, but they were all unbuildable sheers. I asked on MUA for recs for a nude polish for pale skin. I got some good suggestions, my favorite being Essie Topless & Barefoot. I had seen it at Walmart a few weeks ago, but when I went to look for it, they didn't have it. Neither did Target, drug stores, or 2 Ultas in my area. And I had no time to order the polish. I wasn't impressed by any others, and I didn't want to spend $8.50 on OPI Samoan Sand. I remembered seeing a few neutrals at Forever 21 when I bought my dress, so I wandered myself over there and picked up "Nude" and "Camel". Camel was way too dark for what I wanted, but I felt Nude was totally acceptable!!

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Nude Swatch

This is 2 coats Love & Beauty Nude
1 coat SV

I had actually wanted something a little lighter and more cream-ish, but this worked well enough.

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