Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty's Day 5 - Final!!

The final day and... St. Patty's Day!! I will be spending my St. Patty's Day being the DD for some of my friends. What about you??

Anyway, I decided to do a water marble of some St. Patrick's Day related colors. And of course that would be green and gold! I had a ton of different ideas planned, and for some reason, didn't execute them throughout the week. At the end of it, I ended up with 2 manis I didn't like and 1 that was just edited from the way before. Like I mentioned, I'm assuming it's because I insisted on using so many light greens. Oh well. There's always next year!!
Onto the mani...

Pre Clean-up/Redos

I ended up redoing a total of 4 of the nails you see. My thumbs were fine so I didn't redo them. Water marbling is exhausting and I hadn't done it in a while, so I half wanted to just leave them as they were. But after a push from someone I showed the picture to, they convinced me to redo the bad ones. With the help of my very artistic sister, I dragged myself over to do them over.

And if you're curious about the little green dots on my fingers, as I said, this is before clean-up. However, the dots are because I used medical tape instead of scotch tape and if you didn't know, medical take has tiny perforations, which apparently lead to tiny green dots all over your fingers when you try to water marble.

Final Mani

Green Water Marble

Green Water Marble

Green Water Marble

Here is the finished mani!! I love how macro shows you all the tiny places you didn't clean up.

If you couldn't tell, I redid my middle finger on my left hand (first two photos), and my pinks, middle, and index finger on my right hand (last photo). I know my ring finger has a dig, but this happened after everything was put away and I could not bring myself to drag everything out and redo it.

What I Used
1 coat Sally Hansen White On as a base
Zoya Shawn
Orly Enchanted Forest
Sinful This Is It
Sally Hansen HD Hi-Def
OPI Gargantuan Green Grape
1 coat SV

I do not currently have the skill to do a repeated pattern, so all of my nails look different. However, I am getting better and hopefully will be able to do actual continuous designs by the summer.

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  1. Love the pics ... I also recently started to marble, I can post pics if you like (& tell me how, lol) Thanks so much, Felecia R of Mississippi