Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring/Easter Water Marble v1.0

This is one of two spring water marbles I have planned. This is my favorite water marble to date!! I'm certainly not an expert, but I do have some tips that'll hopefully help those of you who want to learn water marbling. I started typing them into this post and realized it became WAY too long, so tentatively, I plan to do a water marbling tips post, and another post on how I actually do water marbling. Or I may combine them, we'll see.

Anyway, enough rambling, onto the water marble!!

Pre Clean-Up:

Post Clean-Up:

Pastel Spring Water Marble

Pastel Spring Water Marble

Pastel Spring Water Marble

Pastel Spring Water Marble

Pastel Spring Water Marble

And I'm throwing this one in, too. It's from my cell phone:

1 coat Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On
For the water marble:
ELF Lilac
OPI What's With The Cattitude?
OPI Gargantuan Green Grape

You may be wondering why most photos are of my left hand. Well, it's because I'm right handed, and trying to hold my camera and take photos with my left hand is NOT a pretty thing. My hand shakes when I try to push the shutter button, and my right hand doesn't know how to pose properly. It's just an ugly combination and I rarely get a nice photo, which is why you guys always seen my left hand.

Also want to note that this water marble was totally inspired by this post from the AMAZING My Simple Little Pleasures. She has phenomenal water marbling skills. I ♥ her!! And I had initially picked different colors, I hadn't intended to use the same colors she did. I had Green, Blue, Orange, and Pink. But the orange was WAY too dominating, and I decided to switch out the pink with purple because I have another marble I want to use pink in. My inspiration from her post was the pattern... which actually looks nothing like what I ended up with! Haha, oh well!!


  1. I overlooked this post, great result and great use of colours too.

  2. O.P.I nail polishes are great for water marbling :')
    good job ;) xD

  3. cool im gonna try this !!1

  4. this is really cool i have wanting to try this for a long time now

  5. i am stuck with a problem, when i put first nail color it spreads,
    later when i go with the other one ,on top of the first layer it does not spread,
    and it spoils my whole design