Friday, April 29, 2011

Simple&Sheer Essie Mademoiselle (edit) and A "Royal" Wedding

Today I am attending a Royal Wedding... ish. A close girlfriend of mine was one of three couples chosen by TLC to get married in Times Square at the same time the royal wedding is taking place!! I am so excited for her and her fiance.

We have to be in Times Square at 0400, which is disgustingly early. Haha! We were instructed (by the producers) to dress as if we were actually attending the royal wedding. I may end up posting a photo of my whole outfit, but we will see! I wanted to keep with a low key, classic nail. I didn't want to do french, I didn't want to wear mannequin hands, and I didn't want something very flashy or striking. If I had nubbins, I might be more apt to do that, but I don't. So subtle it is!!

Essie Mademoiselle Swatch

Essie Mademoiselle Swatch

Essie Mademoiselle Swatch

Essie Mademoiselle Swatch

3 coats Essie Mademoiselle
1 coat Poshe

Sorry for the not so dynamic photos. I know it's not super exciting. As a huge chunk of Essie's collection, Mademoiselle is a sheer color and great for frenches if you don't like the look of just sheer. As you can see by 3 coats (and not 3 thin coats mind you), that this is not really a buildable sheer. This is one of the first polishes my wonderful boyfriend ever bought for me, and since he cannot be at the wedding (due to his schedule), I thought it was perfectly appropriate to wear this.
I love this color for something simple such as this. It gives just enough that shows there's something on your nail without being a defined color. It's a very polished *snickers* look. And because of the sheerness, it goes on with no problems, no streaking, and the brush should work fine for anyones nails. The only complaint I could imagine someone having with this polish is the fact that it's sheer and maybe they expected it to be more opaque. But that's not the intention of this polish, and therefore, I think it's lovely!!

Haha!! And I just realized what a complete 180 this is from my previous NOTD yesterday, which was my bright pink/orange/yellow water marble!

Edit -
I was going to do a new post, but because this is a nail blog, I figured it'd be boring to read a post that would otherwise be totally unrelated.
So I just got home from NYC a few hours ago (the train ride was only an hour!!) and I am completely exhausted. I got 2 1/2 hours of sleep before I had to be up and getting ready for the wedding, and some of the girls I was with didn't even bother to sleep!! It was a long day that started with watching the entire Royal Wedding before seeing our gorgeous friend, Lindsay, get married.
I mentioned I might post my dress, and while it's nothing exciting, at least you all will get to see!! I know I love seeing who is behind their blogs and a random photo of the blogger every now and again makes me feel more apart of the blog. So, here's my outfit (these are all iPhone pictures, BTW):

I don't know how "royal" it is, but I was at a complete loss about what to wear. If you're curious, the dress is from H&M and the headband/flower/fascinator is from Ulta.

Here's me and the GORGEOUS bride:

And here's a photo of the couple I took:

And a photo from the Associated Press:

I hope you enjoyed my photos!!


  1. They're nice. Like I said over on another blog, there's nothing wrong with french nails.

  2. wow neat! Love the mani, just perfect!