Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish Houses of Parliament

So I was at Sephora with my friend who is super familiar with my polish hunting excursions. She had actually dragged me into Sephora in NYC because they sell Illamasqua polishes. But I happened to wander into Sephora with her the other day and totally forgot that they started selling the magnetic Nails Inc. polishes!! So I picked up Houses of Parliament and skipped Trafalgar Square. And of course none of the Sephoras directly around me sell other non-magnetic Nails Inc. polishes. Eh, that's ok. I'm loving this one!!

**Just as a heads up, I decided to shorten my nails a week prior to my move due to packing. I'd rather my nails get shorter on MY terms than have them break in the moving process. The heads up part is because subsequent posts will show my nails longer than this. That's because I'm kinda backlogged with my photos I've been so insanely busy!! Anyway, onto the polish...

Nails Inc. Houses of Parliament

Nails Inc. Houses of Parliament

Nails Inc. Houses of Parliament

Nails Inc. Houses of Parliament

Nails Inc. Houses of Parliament

Nails Inc. Houses of Parliament

Nails Inc. Houses of Parliament

1 base coat Houses of Parliament let dry
1 coat House of Parliament with use of magnet
1 coat Poshe

Some other photos really quick:


Nails Inc. Houses of Parliament Bottle

Cap with Magnet

Nails Inc. Houses of Parliament Magnetic Cap


Nails Inc. Houses of Parliament Directions

So. I tried doing this with just one coat because the polish is fairly thick. The problem I ran into was the design just didn't come out as vibrant and didn't have the depth I knew it could. I'm thinking you might be able to use a black base or a vampy, deep purple base so as not to waste the magnetic polish (it's 10mL instead of the 15mL most other polishes are). But I figured what the heck for this time around.

The polish is very awesome in real life. It almost seems to move when you bend your fingers. It's not dull by any means. It reminds me almost of those cards or toys where you move it back and forth and it has two different designs. No idea what they're called.

The biggest problem I had was I kept bumping my nails on the magnet!! My nails are not that flat, they're fairly convex as seen here in my Newspaper Nails Tutorial. This made it kind of a pain, even with the little lip they provide on the magnetic cap.

So how this works is the magnet pulls (in this case) black pieces away from the purple to create the design. The magnetic cap is a vanity cap, so it just pulls right off. When you apply your second coat (the wet coat), make sure you're coating the nail well. This polish is thicker and while it is definitely manageable, it's not super easy. If you miss a spot, it won't be a part of the magnetic design. As soon as you apply the second coat of polish, you put the magnet to your nail. Within seconds, literally, the design is formed. I left the magnetic to each nail for about 10-20 seconds (the directions state 10-15 seconds). I think even that was a little long because there was no different between the 10 second ones and the 20 second ones. You can watch from the side and see that the pattern being formed immediately. Also, once the pattern is done, you cannot change it, meaning you can't rehold the magnet to the polish and it will move the particles again.

I had no problems with the design not forming unless I didn't put wet polish in an area on my nail.

In the photos, I had knocked my index finger on the side of my other hand when I was putting on the top coat. I was almost complete with all my nails, so I just left it. I found that when this happens, the black particles are what lifts of the nail before the purple base. Just in case you were curious. Lol.


  1. So cool! My nails are quite rounded also, but from side to side. I would probably have to roll the magnet over my nails maybe? Kindof like the stamping motion when doing Konad/Fauxnad? I'm dying to try this one! Looks fab on you! :D

  2. ooooh, I like this one! the pattern looks cool:] and I like accidental discoveries, haha

  3. I NEED to get one of these. They're so fascinating to me.. It gives so much dimension to your nails, I think it looks awesome! I had no idea the design formed that quickly, which is good news to me since I'm so impatient.

  4. i couldnt get the cap off lol

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