Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Mani 2011 (and SNOW!?)

Thank you New England for merging together fall and winter. I had always wanted to enjoy my Halloween complete with snow covered... leaves. Well anyway, if you're not from New England and you hadn't heard, we got snow 2 days ago. Some places SIGNIFICANTLY more than others. We just got a few inches, but other parts of the state got like 10!? I was working in the northern part of the state when it was snowing on Saturday and there were a TON of car accidents. Nothing serious, just people getting adjusted to driving in the snow again. But it was non-stop!! My house had less snow, but I threw in a photo of my yard today (2 days after snowfall) anyway.

More importantly, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!! I did nothing due to packing and moving (which happens tomorrow!!) But I obviously had to do my nails! Wanna see 'em?

Halloween Nails 2011

Halloween Nails 2011

Halloween Nails 2011

Halloween Nails 2011

Black nails are 1 coat Sinful Black on Black (I'll stick to my Wet N Wild Black Creme from now on)
1 coat Poshe
Stamped with Pure Ice Silver Mercedes, both the spider and spiderweb came from Bundle Monster plate BM13 (ironially plate 13 lol)
1 coat Poshe

The candy corn ring finger is one coat China Glaze White On White then 1 coat Poshe, taped off to do the middle orange stripe with Petites Mango and another coat Poshe, and taped off again to add the yellow stripe with China Glaze Solar Power and finally 1 more coat Poshe. You may notice my shortened look. This is my nails shortened for the move tomorrow. I had mentioned in earlier posts that I wanted my nails to shorten on MY terms and not by snapping them off while moving.

I love this. I was almost going to tape off my nail to make a triangular shaped candy corn, then I decided I would like it better this way. The idea for the candy corn came after seeing LOTS of other people do it. I just thought it was so freakin' cute.

In my planning for my Halloween mani weeks in advance, I was flipping through my BM plates, I came across the spider web and spider on the old plates, despite the new plates having tons of Halloween-themed stamps. Then, after I knew what I wanted to do, I noticed Scrangie did a similar thing with the spider webs and spider. I was kinda bummed because I really thought at least a part of my mani wasn't going to look just like someone elses, but this someone else happens to be one of the most well known nail bloggers out there!! But I figured eh, it's what I had planned in my head and I really wanted to do it, so I did it anyway.

And my backyard on Halloween...

Halloween Snow


  1. The perfect Halloween mani! I love the candy corn nail design!