Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Classic: Essie Mint Candy Apple

When I first started getting big into polish, this was one of the first polishes I had to have. My boyfriend got it for me for my birthday along with China Glaze For Audrey and Essie Mademoiselle. I've used it in other posts and I have worn it on its own, I've just never given it its own blog post! I think it's about time :)






2 coats Essie Mint Candy Apple
1 coat Poshe

First and foremost, this polish is not "mint". I think the name is fairly deceptive in that manner. When frequently compared to For Audrey, For Audrey which is a "Tiffany blue" is actually more green than MCA because it's more turquoise. Don't let that be a deterrence from the color. It's still beautiful in its own right, just not what I would call "mint". All Lacquered Up has one of the most faulty photos trying to show the color. She's usually spot on (unfortunately I haven't seen her update her blog in quite a while), but her photo of MCA is definitely off. What I find is interesting is it seems like she got to try the polish before its release. I'm thinking this is what the original intent of the polish was to look like, but before it was released, they changed the color quite a bit making it not really mint at all. If you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about, click here for her blog post about MCA.

Anyway, onto the color. This is a beautiful bright light sky blue/robbin's egg blue creme. I kinda hate describing blues because they're SO various. But the important thing about this is the brightness and the lack of mint undertones.

The formula is eh. It's on the thicker side and is one of those that dries VERY quickly on the brush while you're mid-paint. I'd imagine it's far easier to use if you have shorter nails just because you'll be able to paint it down your nail before it starts to dry. It like seizes up. It's kinda annoying. It is also uneven. My recommendation for these types of polish is always to take it slow. The brush needs to rest in the bottle between nails and you can't do a ton of coats before re-dipping the brush. Take your time with it and it'll come out much better. If you try to rush, it's going to come out poorly and you'll just get frustrated. But this is such a beautiful color, and will especially make your hands look even tanner in the summertime because of the underlying brightness. It's definitely worth it despite the formula IMO.


  1. I find it odd that you posted this post recently! My Mint Candy Apple (as well as a few other friends who purchased it in 2010 or 2011 as well) is from 2011 and is very similar to the shade that you are sporting in your photos. However, a few of my friends who purchased this polish this year, their hue seems to be completely different! More pastel and more mint.

    1. I TOTALLY agree!! I am so sad and was wondering if it was just me! Essie has def changed the color! what to do now...this was by far my favorite color and my go too..so bummed

  2. Hi Sam! Just came across your blog! I really love the fact that you're a medic, so you use gloves and wash your hands constantly, and your cuticles look so perfect!! I'm in the medical field as well and I really struggle in keeping my fingers presentable for my blog... Kudos to you, girlfriend!!
    And you have beautiful swatches!!! You got a new follower here =)