Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'm Back!!

I'm alive I swear!! I abandoned my poor blog back in early July last year. A brief explanation. I got engaged May 27 last year, and then immediately started a class over the summer semester, then immediately went into the fall semester. Between working, school, and trying to plan a wedding, my blog has really gone by the wayside.

I decided to come back here due to a recent, exciting nail related event. Orly posted my Cherry Blossom nails on Facebook! You can see the post here (that should work), if it doesn't, let me know! I was SO shocked!! Those are nails I did back in March 2011 close to when I first started my blog. I'm just so excited and it really made me miss updating my blog.

I've been doing my nails as usual but without posting. I've been much more plain lately, less nail art. I've also been wearing polish for longer than usual... meaning like 3 or 4 days! lol. But I am not taking classes this semester, so I should have more time to work on my blog.

I think I may also post wedding things here and there. I won't be excessive about it, but if anyone else is like me, I love reading about people's experiences planning their wedding. I'm sure this is only because I'm engaged and planning my own wedding, which is why I won't post too much about it. But what do you think? Post about wedding stuff or skip it?

So let this be my welcome back post, and I thank you all who have kept following me even through my 6 month break! I'm glad to be back :)

Oh, and I figured I'd include a photo!!

I'm wearing Orly Happily Ever After in the pic! This was JUST after we got engaged at Castle Hill Inn in Newport, RI :)


  1. Hi, Sam! Congrats on your engagement.I knew you would be back eventually. :-)

  2. Thank you thalie and Ameerah!! I'm glad to be back :) Already planning my next posts!

  3. You and I could have a blast chatting it up, I planned my own wedding back in '03 and had a ball even thru all the headaches lol if ya want my email addy or skype let me know. I also used to plan and officiate virtual weddings on IMVU....with at least 50 under my belt there, using the same devotion as I did with my own in rl. Also, most importantly, welcome back!!!

    1. Oops wrong link under my name LOLZ!!! I'm a ding-dong-itis lol

  4. Hey, welcome back and congratulations to you both.