Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wet n Wild Sugar Coat

I picked this up a WHILE ago in hopes of my job allowing us to wear nail polish, and because I heard it's dupe-ish for OPI Bubble Bath, and I love cheap dupes! So this is Wet n Wild Sugar Coat.



1 coat Wet n Wild Sugar Coat
1 coat Poshe



A second coat Sugar Coat over the 1 coat and 1 coat Poshe (it'd probably look cleaner if there wasn't a layer of Poshe sandwiched in the middle).

Sugar Coat is a milky pink sheer but buildable polish that gives your nails a very clean, natural look. One coat is nice, but it can probably reach opacity at 3 coats.

The formula was decent. Biggest problem I ran into was having enough polish on the brush to go down the length of my nail. Could be because my nails are a little long. I just had to make sure I had more polish on the brush... which didn't happen on my pinky in my two coat photos.

Overall, just a simple, clean polish that you can wear sheer or opaque. Not too bad!!


  1. I love the look of it with just one coat. Really gives the feel of 'My natural nails, but better' :)

  2. What beautiful nails you have! As in hand model good! And I agree with above, they look really natural with just one coat.

  3. Very nice, especially with just the one coat.