Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Whimsical Happily Ever After

Going along with my plan to wear all of the Once Upon A Time collection (and many more fall polishes to follow), I decided to try and make sure I always add a little something extra to each one. So here's what I did for Happily Ever After...

Direct Sunlight




Indirect Sunlight



2 coats Orly Happily Ever After
1 coat Poshe
Bundle Monster plate BM-224 with Konad white
Dotting with dotting tool and Pure Ice Silver Mercedes
**Side Note**
If you do stamping, whether it's Konad, BM, or some other type of Fauxnad, you NEED to own Pure Ice Silver Mercedes. I know I didn't stamp with it, but I have in the past and it's absolutely amazing for stamping.

So I almost used Silver Shatter over this, but I decided not to because I just don't like crackles. That and I think HEA is so pretty that SS woulda killed it.

I flipped through my BM plates and found those pretty swirls and decided to do them in white. I have a thing about adding silver to darker, fall colors like this, so I just had to. I knew I didn't want to make everything silver (swirls and dots), but I did not want heavily contrasting colors for each. So white and silver it was. I LOVE this, by the way. Lately I've been hating a lot of my attempts at "nail art", but I actually think this is awesome.