Tuesday, January 24, 2012

China Glaze VIII with Glitter Tips

As much as I'm not a huge fan of vampy colors, it's winter, and winter is the time for vampy colors (for me anyway)! I don't like when deep colors just look black, so I decided to add some glitter to China Glaze's VIII to help dress it up a little and maybe pull out some of the purple.







2 coats China Glaze VIII
1 coat Poshe
Glitter Tips with Ardene Princess Cut
1 coat Poshe

Now, the glitter is kind of in a gradient form. I didn't use anything special for this, just the brush. I was initially going to just cover the nail in the glitter, but figured I'd mix it up.

The method I used was EXTREMELY easy and you do not need any other supplies besides your polish. I just painted the tip thick with the glitter, wiped the brush on the sides of the bottle to get as much glitter off the brush as I could, then I took the brush and lightly brushed the glitter towards my cuticle. I went over the tip again to make sure the glitter was heavier there. That was it! I did top it with Poshe again because while the glitter dries pretty quickly, there were clear streaks from the base of the glitter. The Poshe just helped smooth it out.

I went a little too heavy on my index finger but didn't feel like fixing it. I was also doing this is very poor lighting so I didn't realize how thick the glitter was at the time. Lol. I did not drag the glitter all the way to my cuticle. I stopped a little bit before that. Had my lighting been better, I would've gone further. But after my index finger getting too much glitter, I figured I'd keep it safe!


  1. This is such a pretty mani! I also hate when dark colored polishes just look black. I have a number of blues and purples that don't get used for that exact reason. I've been addicted to gradient glitter tips lately.. I had to stop myself last night from adding glitter tips to my fresh mani lol. Can't help myself. Glitter makes everything better ;D

  2. Lovely mani, I really like the colour but the glitter takes it to another level.

  3. @WitchHazel
    I don't tend to reach for glitter often, just because removal sucks. Even the foil method is annoying because it's so time consuming. But this wasn't bad at all! So I'll prob try it again :)